Enterprises expansion - business, financial and ethical aspects

Expansion is a keyword, which for participants of the event should become a guideline indicating the thematic field of the next Value in Business Conference. The enterprises expansion is a subject that concerns both micro-entrepreneurs and those of larger enterprises. Depending on the entrepreneur, the issue of expansion might be treated as a chance, a danger or an obligation.

Business aspect

Business is the widest prism through which one can look at the expansion. In this field, one can find internal matters of the enterprise as well as their environment. We hope that the Value in Business Conference is a great place to get to know the answer for these examples of questions: Can you run an expansive policy and maintain the high quality of performed services? How to expand the scale of enterprise activity? Can we talk about expansion in a virtual business? What are the aims and motives of the expansion? Do innovations support the expansion?

Financial aspect

Finances are without a doubt the key element determining the decision-making mechanism about the conscious enterprise expansion or halting it. Depending on the funds, the action (not sure here) strategy is created. It is worth then to get the answer to the following questions: How much does the expansion cost? What is the effectiveness of expanding the area of the enterprise? Where do enterprisess get their funds for the development activities? How do municipalities support the entrepreneurs in the expansion?

Ethical aspect

Ethics is an extremely important part of business especially in the era of management focused on the intellectual potential. Poszanowanie wartości tożsamych z wartościami uznawanymi za ważne przez potencjalnych Klientów może stać się czynnikiem budującym przewagę konkurencyjną. -> początek tego zdania jest nie do zrobienia In the light of the changing regulations, the increase in popularity of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and in responsibilites of the entrepreneurs, the question whether ethical behavior is a need or an unwanted duty.

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The summary of Value in Business Conference – Kazimierz Dolny 2017

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